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I am "arting" for my life. 

I have been university professor  for many years, but Covid 19 upended life as I thought I knew it. During the quarantine, I rediscovered a hobby from high school and college; drawing and painting. 

Being forced to remain at home was  depressing, and to make matters worse restaurants, churches and businesses were closed.  So I started painting.  I have always enjoyed abstract art and midcentury graphic portraits. But I had forgotten how freeing the act of having a pen /brush in my hand could be. 


Creating  artwork is cathartic; it provides an outlet for the unspeakable thoughts and feelings that we all have.  When I tell people that I am "arting" for my life they laugh, but it is true.  Try it yourself. 


C. NorthingtonPurdie is a newcomer to the  visual arts. She stumbled upon the practice while in search of a  healthy, meditative way to unwind and de-stress.  The  impact of drawing and painting  has transformed every aspect of her life.  The support of family, friends and the growing online community validates the addition of "artist" to her occupation.


In addition to this website, her artwork is showcased for sale on her page (NorthingtonPurdieLLC), and an accompanying Instagram page (@CNorthingtonP ) on which she experiments with animation and graphics.  She presents at community art events and virtual private shows and is open to creating personalized artwork on commission (email)


She describes her artwork as abstract, and autobiographical.  Every piece is personal; she does not paint portraits or mirror images.  She interprets images abstractly,  geometrically, colorfully and spiritually.  

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